Diabetes ‘Drop-In Sessions' – Our new initiative

With the help and co-operation of Tesco plc, we held the first of our ‘Drop-In’ sessions in the Community Room at the local Bidston Supermarket on Friday 27th February.

This initiative is a new attempt to better inform the community about living with Diabetes. Leaflets and booklets relevant to understanding and living with diabetes were available and group members were on hand to discuss aspects of diabetes with the store customers. Staff from the Supermarket Pharmacy were also present offering everyone free Glucose and Chloresterol checks. Anyone opting for these checks also qualified for a follow-up free health check at the Store Pharmacy.

Being our first attempt at a ‘Drop-In Session’, lessons were learned which will enable us to make a few practical changes for the next session. Overall, there was an encouraging response from the store customers and we look forward to the next scheduled ‘Drop-In Session’ on Friday 27th March (see Events Page for details).