Diabetes Care During Coronavirus

Diabetes Care During Coronavirus

The following information is available via the Diabetes UK website to help people during Coronavirus. Some of the information can also be downloaded from the website.


Your Diabetes Care During Coronavirus

 A new print and web resource to help people with diabetes understand what care they should be receiving during the pandemic is now available. It’s called ‘Your diabetes care during coronavirus’.


This resource will replace the 15 Health Care Essentials while coronavirus continues. During the pandemic, diabetes care is going to look a bit different for a while. Our new resource lets people know about important checks that they should still be having and how these might be different at the moment.

The free print leaflet is available to order from the Diabetes UK shop: Your diabetes care during coronavirus - Diabetes UK Shop


New Advice for People Preparing for Remote Appointments

 New content is now available on the Diabetes UK website, offering advice to people with diabetes who are preparing for remote appointments:


 The page also has a downloadable PDF version.


Diabetes and the Coronavirus Vaccine

 If you have any questions about the coronavirus vaccines, our website has a dedicated space where you can keep up to date with the latest information. Please also call or email the helpline or one of the North of England team who can provide support if you have any concerns: